Shelton Strap Endorsees

 ”Just got the new strap and it’s perfect. WOW what a craftsman! It’s already on the banjo and it “sits” perfectly like it’s been there for years….Again, thanks so much for a first rate job!” -HERB PEDERSEN

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing strap that arrived today….Everything about the strap looks great, very classy.” -PETE WERNICK

“I’ve been using James Alan Shelton’s banjo straps for 20 years. These straps are hand crafted with care from the finest quality leather and finished on both sides. Their comfort, feel and appearance are top notch. Thanks James!” -DAVID TALBOT

“James Alan Shelton makes straps like they should be made. I searched for 30 years to find the right strap and James delivers whether it’s guitar, banjo or whatever. They are the best out there, period and I AM PICKY!” -RON STEWART

“One word describes my thoughts on Shelton Straps….EXCELLENT! I have used Shelton Straps for years and I must say that I have been totally satisfied. The tooling work is great and the colors are deep and rich. I highly recommend them.” -DAN MONEYHUN

“I played a show last night with the Seldom Scene and for the first time in nearly 15 years, I replaced my old strap with a new strap hand crafted for me by my friend and colleague James Alan Shelton. It is simply the most comfortable strap I’ve ever owned. The fit, feel and workmanship are perfect for what I do. Thanks James!- DUDLEY CONNELL

“Thanks very much for making my guitar strap. I really like it and will wear it out. It is a great anniversary present!” -KENNY BOWER

“James makes the best straps I have ever owned. I now have three of them. Thanks a lot!” -LEE AULTMAN

“I own three Shelton guitar straps and they represent not only quality but they compliment any guitar. It’s something you can be proud of!” -DANIEL WILSON

“James does wonderful work. I love all of mine!” -MITCHELL VAN DYKE

“”Just wanted to let you know that I got the strap today and it’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much!” -CINDY JONES

“You make the best banjo strap ever. I’ve had my Crowe-style strap for two years….it’s awesome!” -DAVID ADAMS BARNETT

“I’ve had the strap you made me about 20 years. They are the best!” -JOHN McNEELY

“I have purchased two Shelton guitar straps and they are quality! The man will make it worth your money!” -RENDEE SHROPSHIRE

Received the banjo strap this afternoon and all I can say is WOW.  The strap is flawless and beautiful in every way imaginable.  Thank you so much for putting out a top-quality product that’s a veritable steal for fifty dollars, not to mention your extra-fast turn-around time and speedy shipping — all are GREATLY appreciated. - DEAN LUNGO